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Is there such a thing as genuinely useless refuse? I would think not, especially in light of the wealth of information on the best way to reuse things of little value. Things that most individuals undervalue, for example, glass, timber, wood pulp, paper, used rubber tires, and in the scope of this article. As it happens, this treasure, in this case, used coffee grounds, can be put to more than 1 use, in actuality, I can list 15 uses right now.

  1. Insect control
    Insect control – There is now an internet meme going around that spraying used coffee grounds on your plants and skin will repel mosquitoes, especially ones that take Zika Virus. There is actually no scientific literature to demonstrate that, although there are some signs research-wise that spraying coffee and used coffee grounds on mosquito breeding sites inhibited the embryogenesis of mosquito larvae, and thus significantly reduced the number of mosquito larvae that successfully grown into adults.
  2. Fertilizer
    For plants that like acidic soil, like hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, roses, blueberries, magnolia trees, etc.. Used coffee ground can act as a source of excellent fertilizer.
  3. Carrots and radishes work good with used coffee grounds. Sprinkling the latter onto the former before planting will help the small seedlings grow faster and provide an additional boost when they are just germinating, you are sure to reap larger produce consequently. A literal example of reaping what you sow!
  4. Do you like to eat mushrooms? They may be quite the delicacy. Certain types of mushrooms are amenable to being grown in containers filled with used coffee grounds. Grow your own’shrooms today and become a spore farmer!
  5. Clean your fireplace
    Clean your fireplace. Adding some damp coffee grounds to your fireplace will enable you to sweep all the ash away without creating a billowing cloud of dust.
  6. Deodorize your fridge
    Does your fridge smell like a garbage dump? Works even better than baking soda.
  7. Pet anti-flea bath
  8. Strip hair buildup
    Adding some to your shampoo or conditioner may strip oil and other buildup from your hair.
  9. Remove eye bags
    It can assist you in other ways in the mornings too. In this case they can be used to decrease the dark circles under your eyes.
  10. “Salting” the street
    Reduce your chances of getting snowed in using coffee grounds to”salt” the streets and sidewalks. Used coffee grounds make for great gravel and the acidic content helps burns through the ice quicker.
  11. Make garbage disposal cleaners
    Did you know that you can make garbage disposal cleaners using it? You can create them using just the coffee grounds, epsom salt, baking soda, a little vinegar, and possibly a little vanilla.
  12. Unclogging your drain
    It may also be used to unclog your drain. All that’s required is boiling water, a little dish soap, and the used coffee grounds. Just 3 drops of dish soap, a pot of boiling water, and the grounds will cleanse the drain of clogs and dirt.
  13. Eliminate odors
    It can be used to eliminate odors after chopping up foul smelling things. Simply rub them on your hands and wash afterwards. The reasons will neutralize the odor.
  14. Pan cleaning
    Do you have caked-on dirt on your pans? In that case, some coffee grounds sprinkled on a rag will remove them easily, just don’t use it on ceramic utensils along with other types that stain easily.
  15. Air freshener creation
    Only double up a pair of lady’s stockings with some used coffee ground inside of it and tie off, and voila! A coffee air freshener, who understood innovation could be so easy?
15 uses for Ground Coffee

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