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Can you feel as though you’ve been going through life not able to connect to classes, with other people, or some other portion of society in a meaningful manner? Has this growing feeling of disconnection from the outside world generated deep feelings of isolation within you? Can you find relationships are hard when the other person you meet is not able to fill a void in you?

It would seem we are living in a time when it’s likely to be connected to one another more than ever, thanks mostly in part to social media. All a person has to do is to start up one of the online social networking accounts and discover countless new online friends. Then photos can be shared, significant events mentioned, and any other private or random information supplied. If someone doesn’t like something shared, there may be negative interactions. However the hope is friends are available, they will listen to you, and they’ll enjoy what they see and whatever you share or post.

So, with the availability of social networking, why would anyone ever have to feel lonely?

If you can envision a pre-computer age when someone was at home alone, and they couldn’t access social networking accounts, they have to have felt really alone. There would be no one else to speak to or interact with, unless they left the home or called someone and encouraged them to come over. Now we are living in a digital age and anyone with a computer has access to a worldwide audience or a seemingly infinite foundation of individuals to connect and socialize with, speak to and be friends with, and somebody can spend some time interacting together through these social networking accounts. It would appear that this is an era of the most highly connected individuals in history, which should equate to the most interactive and engaged individuals also.

A universal truth is this: An individual link happens at an energetic level, when two or more individuals are engaged in a fashion in which they can experience each other via a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory method.

The multi-dimensional effect can happen to a degree when a person speaks to another person through telecommunication devices, since there’s still a multi-sensory approach involved and the flow of energy may happen to some degree. Where all this is missing is when digital communication replaces human communication entirely, if there’s not any multi-sensory approach aside from perceptions and emotions. This is no more multi-dimensional as no lively exchange happens, which means a individual can send as many messages as they desire, believe they feel a specific way about somebody else, and never actually experience this other individual on an energetic level.

This is the reason a person that has thousands of friends on social media who they don’t understand can still feel lonely. If this individual never met those friends, or never talked with them, they’ve not had an energetic exchange. This is the reason a lot of online dating experiences appear to fall apart when the online exchanges proceed to in-person meetings.

How People Experience Life

In actuality, the world is pure energy, as is each living thing in the world. A individual is living because energy flows to and throughout their body. A individual goes outside, feels the end, makes an energetic relationship, and experiences life. Someone pets a dog or cat, makes an energetic relationship, and encounters a bond as a creature like that holds no ill intentions. These are connections, lively experiences which each and every individual has in their lifetime.

What Society Teaches Individuals About Connections

However the focus of life that people are educated isn’t how they relate with life, but every other. Someone could feel connected to life only by taking a shower or tub, feeling the water and allowing an energetic encounter to happen. However, this is a society which emphasizes relationships, being with someone, being ordinary, breeding, procreating, settling down, the”white picket fence” fantasy, and searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Somebody who’s in their 20s should be thinking ahead towards the future and planning for the time when they’ll repay and from their 30s, they ought to be with an appropriate mate, spouse, husband, or wife, based on social norms. A single individual in their 40s usually suggests somebody with a shortage of some sort, often somebody who appreciates a profession over a relationship, based on social standards.

The process of finding an appropriate partner, partner, date, husband, or wife is comparable to finding online buddies. This entails perceptions and reactive emotions, not a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory strategy and connection if the sole method of connection made is through an internet site and/or electronic communication.

Society has greatly reduced the whole process into a swiping method based upon perceived physical traits, together with certain status indicators, like this produces a feeling of understanding a person, which it never will. Physical attributes, together with status indicators, won’t ever replace a real human exchange where an energetic connection happens.

It’s developing a link of who the real self is, with no mask of an internet identity or avatar. It’s the true you, including your past and your current. There are no filters, no need to conceal, and there are no limitations. There’s only a pure sense of wanting to experience life together.

Can this happen immediately? Yes, since there are no rules and you’ve established your life’s plan before you came into this physical presence.

You might also not have a lifelong relationship with this person as your strategy may have been to participate in a set of short-term relationships. But the value of understanding all this is that you need to engage with another individual to have a true relationship, where energy is traded.

For a lot of individuals, this doesn’t happen as society highlights certain appearances, features, and other features. It can be hard for anybody outside the norm to find someone to contact in an energetic level. More to the point, society has highlighted the use of social networking to the point lots of people now think they have actual friends on the web, even if they’ve never met most or all of these. Or those who attempt dating sites may develop an internet relationship until they meet the individual and find it never really existed in the first place.

The simple fact is that there are more lonely individuals now then ever before. Those using social media get quickly hooked on the practice of finding and adding new friends, and trying to be enjoyed for their articles, messages, and photos. The addictive nature is a consequence of what seems like the promise of a reward of happiness for gaining new followers and friends. Yet what the majority of individuals find rather is a hollow feeling from the continuous effort put into the procedure.

Even worse, this digital communication can’t fill an inner sense of void. In actuality, the more that a person tries to gain connections and friends through this way, the more likely they will develop feelings of despair. This positive energy is curative in nature and from it flows stability and equilibrium. But if a individual has isolated themselves from other people, tried to link through digital means and failed to negate their sense of loneliness, the despair that sets in will intensify with time.

Even having one or two close friends may be insufficient to negate the inner sense of unbalance sensed, if someone believes they should be at a particular stage in life and they are not, and/or they should be with somebody else and they are not. It’s these mental conditions made by the standards in society that causes internalized pressures.

Even if an individual leaves their home and sets out to meet others, they could still feel as though they’re invisible to all, if their mindset is focused on finding something or someone to meet them. And even should someone meet somebody and establish an energetic relationship, if they haven’t addressed their current mindset, they could still feel all alone while in a relationship.

The reply to loneliness isn’t an outside remedy or remedy but an inner one.

The only way someone can ever start to feel complete and happy is to learn how to concentrate on what is happening inside of them and how they feel when they connect with components in their surroundings. Someone can feel good by finding ways of linking to favorable internal and external components. From an internal standpoint, there are positive memories flowing throughout the energy flow. These may be family memories, together with accomplishments and achievements. From an external standpoint, nature offers an abundance of approaches to join at an energetic level, from animals to plants to lakes and the oceans. Nature can be expanded to include pets also, that have a sole purpose of bonding with people.

Most people you socialize with, even it’s only for a short period, may be a positive energetic connection if you permit it. The purpose of all of these suggestions is to help you understand you’re a living human being, not a profile or avatar. You can do this and expertise life even in the event that you don’t have the ideal mate, spouse, husband, wife, or friends.

You have to first learn to be on your own and relate to life on an energetic level. This will drive away any feeling you have that you’re alone because as a dwelling, lively being you’re on the world and therefore are never alone. Then as you experience life in this fashion, some of these short connections will soon turn into long-term friendships and more, easily and naturally.

Wisdom of the Universe: Overcoming Loneliness

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